Nitriles are a staple of the pharma industry as they have the quality to be stable and have good biocompatibility, along with the class. They are found in many useful compounds, including methyl cyanoacrylate, and organic compounds containing multiple nitrile groups are known as cyanocarbons. The nitrile fine chemical is an important functional group widely found in both pharmaceutical agents and natural products. As per the report, more than 30 nitrile-containing pharmaceuticals have been approved by the FDA for the management of a broad range of clinical conditions in recent years. The use of a nitrile fine chemical into lead compounds has gradually become a promising strategy for producing FDA New Drug for the welfare of society. 

EOS Med Chem is here to supply high-quality and GMP certification Nitriles and other fine chemicals worldwide. We always focus on Custom synthesis of target molecules through extensive organic and medicinal chemistry experience. Our dedicated team of chemists, doctors, and masters utilize a wide range of synthetic chemistry techniques to obtain high-purity GMP intermediates, which are used further to make the most influential and effective drugs along with many life science products. Your ISO9001 certified Nitriles requirements will be fulfilled at EOS Med Chem only with very quick turnaround times. Our contract research organization, China service is offered to many leading pharmaceuticals, biotech, agricultural, life science, and academic institutions, both in China and internationally.

We are one of the best contract research organizations specializing in offering medicinal chemistry and producing Low Temperature custom synthesis. We work 24/7 to synthesize target molecules, manufacture chemicals – small to large-scale and supply GMP certification chemicals around the world. Our work is not limited here only and we also offer chemical method development to drug discovery, synthetic intermediates, building blocks, and finished products to various pharmaceutical, biotech, life science, and chemical markets, worldwide. We have got the best team is committed to simplifying the fine chemicals outsourcing experience with exceptional customer service while ensuring transparency, accountability, and reliability in terms of cost and delivery. 

For us, every project is important, and our team compromises experienced professionals to provide an efficient and unparalleled low temperature GMP intermediates outsourcing experience. Through our modern development and manufacturing facilities with a dedicated team of Project Managers, R&D, doctors, and manufacturing personnel, we offer comprehensive ISO9001 certified Nitriles outsourcing options with stability study activities. For FDA New Drug or other drugs formulation, our GMP intermediates are the best and we supply everything at a lower cost. 

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