The EOS technical team has combined photochemistry and continuous reaction technology through years of continuous deep cultivation and accumulation. Based on the experience of continuous reaction technology application and equipment development, it has independently designed and developed green continuous photochemical reaction production equipment. The pilot scale-up verification has been completed recently, and the production capacity can reach 5-50kg/day. The equipment takes full advantage of the continuous reaction to be safer, more environmentally friendly, more efficient, small footprint of the reaction device, and automatic control. It improves the existing batch photochemical reaction and realizes the increase of the reaction rate, the reduction of side reactions and the improvement Target of yield.

Continuous reactions include:

  • Ring-opening
  • Photo-redox
  • Photo-oxidation


  • High Irradiation intensity array LED
  • Multi-channel multispectral LEDs
  • Photo reactor – 500mL-2L & 10L
  • Flow PC with laser
  • 220V poEOSr supply
  • Mercury vapor lamps

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