Quinone is called a class of chemical agent that is popular to use in making anticancer drugs. This agent contains a quinone moiety that can be reduced and an alkylating group that can form covalent bonds along with many of cellular components. Quinones’ derivatives were among the first compounds studied as hypoxia-selective tumor-activated prodrugs. 

Quinones are widely distributed chemical compounds in nature but also are found in humans as endogenous compounds of biological importance. In most of the drugs, Quinone moieties are present, which are used clinically in the treatment of solid cancers and we ensure to supply these fine chemicals to any part of the world. Quinones are having a pharmacological interest in a number of ways and in the form of cytotoxin, they are used to fight against cancer. Apart from this, Quinones – one of the best fine chemicals is used alone or with other medications to treat malaria. 

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