Alcohol, phenol, phenolic alcohol compounds and derivatives

Alcohol, phenol, phenolic alcohol compounds and derivatives


Seeking fine chemicals in any form- single, pure and complex chemicals that are only produced in small amounts by multipurpose plants? We are one of the best ISO9001 certified manufacturing firms, producing phenolic alcohol compounds in bulk using standardized reactions. 

GMP Certification Phenolic Compounds And Derivatives

Phenolic fine chemicals can be used for special applications by manufacturing firms that make a wide range of products, including- Pharmaceuticals to paint, petrochemical, adhesives, and agricultural products. Phenolic compounds are called to be vast, diverse, and widespread in nature and the biological significance of bioactive phenolic natural secondary metabolites is huge. The phenolic compound is an Active pharmaceutical ingredient, which is known to exhibit various biological activities such as antimicrobial, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties. 

If seeking for FDA New Drug or Custom synthesis, alcohol compounds, and derivatives, EOS Med Chem is here with a talented team of scientists to deliver a wide range of GMP certification products and services. We have successfully launched a range of affordable GMP intermediates and Clinical compounds- phenol, alcohol, and derivatives, which are accessible across the globe. From research to the development of various GMP intermediates to derivatives, our growth is aided by cost-effective drugs development and substantial manufacturing. We are committed to meeting your expectations on GMP certification drugs, alcohol, phenol, and other compounds by providing the highest quality, most reliable products in the fields of Synthetic Chemistry to Life Science, Materials Science, and more. Our specialty in fine chemicals is recognized as best-in-class by top research laboratories to the universities and pharmaceutical companies worldwide. Additionally, we strive to have the highest product availability on the market and with strategically placed plant in Jinan Life Science Park and in Shanghe country- National Biopharmaceutical Park. Also, our research chemicals are always in-stock and ready to ship when you need them no matter what quality, Custom synthesis, and quantity you want. 

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