Organic fluorine compound

Organic fluorine compound


The organic fluorine compound is also known as fluorocarbon compound, which contains C-F bond in the molecular structure, such as tetrafluoroethylene (CF2 = CF2. Fluorine is the most electronegative and called the highest degree of oxidation of atoms in the periodic table, and therefore it is less susceptible to oxidation cleavage fluoropolymer. Fluorine-containing compounds are used in various applications, including- halothane, anti-cancer drugs, fluorouracil, fluphenazine, and many more. 

As said, Organic Fluorine is the most electronegative element of all elements, hence the overall property of a given molecule can be changed to a great extent by introducing fluorine atoms. The atomic radius of fluorine is similar to the hydrogen at the same time, so the size of the molecule is not affected as much. These are the properties due to which fluorine compound is very popular in the pharmaceutical drugs industry and we ensure to supply quality and the right quantity of the chemicals. The use of fluorine compound intermediates has grown to become a key component for many industries, including - agrochemical to the pharmaceutical industries. If you are associated with these industries, using our long-term knowledge, experience, capabilities, and organic compound, one can produce anything they want. 

At EOS Med Chem, we provide you with excellent quality fluorine products along with other various chemicals based on efficient production processes. We have capitalized extensive expertise in fluorine compound chemistry; hence can provide fluorinated molecules from raw material to active ingredients, based on state-of-the-art production processes. We completely understand that early phase work focuses to know more about a drug compound and we do the same. We have the ability to develop analytical methods to assess any compound identity, purity, compatibility, and stability, which makes us the best chemical manufacturer and supplier. Our in-depth knowledge of fluorine along with other compounds helps us in designing manufacturing processes that control the product’s quality attributes, ensuring the product meets its quality target product profile.

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