High-Pressure Chemistry

High-Pressure Chemistry


EOS cooperates with Peking University and owns the most advanced high-pressure reaction vessel in the world. Especially in diatomic molecules, aromatic molecules, unsaturated molecules, molecules containing active hydrogen, carbides, nitrides, halogen molecules.

  • EOS equipped R&D facility with parallel screening equipment and bench-scale autoclaves.
  • Reaction modeling for efficient transfer to manufacturing scale.
  • Extensive and redundant large-scale manufacturing capacity

Services & Capacities

  • 24 vial scaling-up screening ability.
  • Reaction kinetics measurement.
  • Small pilot workshop.
  • Full equipment kLa data set up, which maintains constant pressure automatically.
  • Microscale experimental techniques (1-10 mg).
  • Small-scale pilot simulation.
  • 48 vial Parallel screening.

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