Diazo, azo or azo compound

Diazo, azo or azo compound


Fine Chemical Azo Compounds 

Diazo compound generally refers to those compounds that have within them the azo group with the molecular structure —N=N—. They have the functional group diazenyl in them and it is derived from the French word azote meaning nitrogen, which itself is derived from a Greek word. EOS Med Chem manufactures and sells azo compound, which is reported as antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, and cytotoxic agents. This one of the fine chemicals has the ability to be used as drug carriers, and the drug is released by internal or external stimuli and as observed in colon-targeted drug delivery. 

We provide azo compound with GMP certification, best to be used in cancer chemotherapy and it is one of the fine chemicals, best for cancer diagnosis and therapy. For pharmaceutical, biomedical, and life science applications, azo as GMP intermediates plays a critical role as it is used to improve the delivery of a drug or for cellular staining to help the study of cells. Also, azo compounds are continually identifying a potential FDA New Drug to treat a wide variety of diseases. The suggested compound is also used in cellular staining to better view cellular compounds and metabolic processes and it has been used in other biomedical fields, especially cancer diagnosis and chemotherapy, where its role is still in the early stages.

We provide ISO9001 certified Active pharmaceutical ingredients worldwide and being the best fine chemical manufacturing partner can help identify and refine the best way to obtain commercial GMP intermediates. If you want to have azo using Custom synthesis process and Low Temperature, we can help in offering the same with GMP certification to your doors. Being an active pharmaceutical ingredient and GMP intermediates supplier, we take pride in providing a wide range of high-quality pharmaceutical materials at competitive market prices worldwide. We work 24/7 with many pharmaceutical companies to ensure that the active pharmaceutical ingredients you require are readily available. Also, we are proud to represent the best Custom synthesis process to get ISO9001 certified pharmaceutical ingredients with high production capabilities.

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