Organic derivatives of hydrazine or hydrazine

Organic derivatives of hydrazine or hydrazine


Organic derivatives of hydrazine or hydrazine are used in many forms, including- rocket fuel, as catalysts for the production of plastics and polymers, it has a great significance in the pharmaceutical industry and it is used as a starting material for the manufacture of nitric acid, as well as a reducing agent. Organic derivatives of Hydrazine are widely used in the agriculture, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries, best for neurodegenerative changes to hepatotoxicity, and cancer. Also know that it is used as a pesticide, pharmaceutical, and dye intermediates, and being the best Pharmaceutical intermediates, it is mainly used to produce Celecoxib.

If seeking Organic derivatives of hydrazine or any other fine chemicals, we are capable enough to offer a full spectrum of chemicals you require for further drug and other production. We are proud to have years of experience with many diverse classes of drug substances, multiple drug product dosage forms, along with the fine chemicals that have increased our expertise around Custom-synthesis chemical producing compatibilities. Being the best CMO supplier in China, we're not only delivering derivatives and fine chemicals to the pharmaceutical industry but also delivering the promise of Healthier Lives. We are a technology-focused, vertically integrated hydrazine fine compound and other chemicals’ delivery and product development company, always there to meet the requirements of all. 

We help and enhance the performance of various industries, which require- fine chemicals used in diagnostics and making drugs, supporting their goal of delivering safe and reliable treatments. We cover a wide range of functionalities – drug discovery, chemical manufacturing with Custom synthesis, supplying chemicals worldwide, and more. We also have great skills in reaction- Flow Chemistry, Fluorination, Asymmetric, Chiral Synthesis, Hazardous, Low Temperature, High-Pressure Chemistry, Electrochemistry, and Photochemistry. EOS Med Chem is the pioneering manufacturer and supplier of various derivatives and fine chemicals, the ultimate platform to offer a number of unique immediate to improve drug efficacy, safety, and patient experience. 

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