Hydrocarbon compounds and their derivatives

Hydrocarbon compounds and their derivatives


Searching for Hydrocarbon compounds? We supply Hydrocarbons, which are called the compounds comprised exclusively of carbon and hydrogen and they are also known as a dominant component of crude oil, processed petroleum hydrocarbons, and coal tar. We help pharmaceutical, life science, and other related industries with the ultimate supply of Hydrocarbon so that drugs and other products are made via chemical reactions that involve the use of organic molecules. 

Our R&D department has a proven track record in preparing small to large quantities of your target Hydrocarbon compounds or derivatives. We ensure to provide only GMP certification fine chemicals, which can be used to make FDA New Drug cure various diseases. We are known to adapt Custom synthesis process in order to meet the requirements that will best suit your needs. If you already have a demonstrated route and need it reproduced in a timely and efficient manner, our GMP intermediates will be the best for you. We surpass expectations by identifying and developing appropriate steps for scale-up and safety considerations. With over years of knowledge and experience in the industry, EOS Med Chem helps you identify and select the right low temperature Active pharmaceutical ingredient for your key pharmaceutical production of drugs. 

We are experienced and provide strong regulatory support through working with our manufacturing team with established regulatory strength to produce only ISO9001 certified Hydrocarbon compounds and derivatives for your life science products. We also provide assistance throughout your drug development cycle, from formulation development to clinical trials, as well as help you with regulatory submission and with the commercial production of FDA New Drug. You will be impressed by our custom synthesis will be formulated with state-of-the-art facilities and technical and analytical expertise. It is our mission to provide you with customized services that enable the success of your drugs development endeavors. Apart from this, we have got an experienced logistic team not only to take the hassle of arranging, delivering, and tracking your ISO9001 approved fine chemicals shipment, but also help to have the shipment cleared and delivered to you as quickly as possible. With our proven procedure and our trusted team of vendors, you will get your Hydrocarbon GMP intermediates or chemicals on time. 

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