Nitrogen-containing compounds

Nitrogen-containing compounds


Nitrogen-containing compounds are the most crucial elements in synthetic compounds, both organic and coordination. Talking about a medicinal chemistry viewpoint, nitrogen is a very common element in every major class of active pharmaceutical ingredients existing in heterocyclic and in acyclic molecules. Nitric acid is known as a very popular commercial compound of nitrogen, which is a colorless, highly corrosive liquid, and it is often used in the production of fertilizers, dyes, drugs, and explosives. 

We produce and supply Nitrogen containing compound and chemicals to different parts of the world at affordable prices. Being a leading company, working dedicatedly in chemical ingredients distribution and across a range of market sectors, we supply a broad range of specialty ingredients Nitrogen containing compounds, fine chemicals, and various other GMP intermediates for industry leading manufacturers of drugs and other industries. We aim to streamline a great link with our customers to deliver chemistry for a better life. Whether you are looking for that next great idea, need help in drug discovery, or looking to improve your product performance, EOS Med Chem can help. Every day, we support our customers worldwide by providing Nitrogen to other various fine chemicals along with exceptional technical knowledge and logistical expertise. From established companies to start-ups and brands, no matter who you are or where you are located, EOS Med Chem is always there to help develop your next generation of products. 

We can also help in offering Custom synthesis chemicals to meet your exact requirements and our skilled team are an industry expert in ingredient selection to formulation design and stability testing. To give the world’s best fine chemicals along with Nitrogen containing compounds, we are constantly scanning the market to identify the latest trends. You just name and we will create fully formulated product concepts at our technical laboratory facilities in Shanghe country or in another GMP standard plant. In order to enjoy state-of-the-art GMP compliance intermediates and chemicals, we are confident enough to meet our clients’ requirements. 

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