Alkyl ureas and their derivatives and salts

Alkyl ureas and their derivatives and salts


Aryl urea is popularly used in synthesizing many of its derivatives form for past few years and many medicinal chemists to explore its various biological activities. It must be noted that urea functionality is inherent to numerous bioactive compounds, along with a variety of clinically approved therapies. We provide urea-containing compounds and help with Custom synthesis are increasingly used in medicinal chemistry and drug design. Such Alkyl salts help to establish key drug-target interactions and fine-tune crucial drug-like properties. Our fine chemicals include - Alkyl urea, which is incorporated to modulate drug potency and selectivity to improve drug properties in the development of anticancer, antibacterial, anti-HIV, anticonvulsive, along with other Clinical compounds. 

Our commitment to quality and compliance is always on the top-notch and being ISO9001 certified company, we focus on the high-quality manufacturing procedure, which is centred in strict accordance with GMP Quality. Whether it is all about o-tolyl, nicotinate, Alkyl, or any other kind of life science products and chemicals, we are able to meet the requirements of any industry with any product and quantity. The quality and safety commitment of our fine chemicals - Alkyl ureas and their derivatives and salts, has been further recognized by the professionals, that is why our quality focus assists in setting the benchmark.

No matter what you want and in what quantity, we are always ready with great stock; always help you to meet your overall requirements. With a commitment to quality, we ensure to provide only ISO9001 certified Clinical and Low Temperature Chemicals- ureas and the derivatives in a regulated market environment. We are a reliable source of supply for an extensive range of pharmacy fine and high-quality chemicals and our knowledge and experience in sourcing, handling, and distribution of APIs and derivatives allows us to meet many different customers’ formulation requirements. So, if your requirement is for Custom synthesis or anything else, we have a long-standing commitment to the pharmaceutical industry and ensure to supply everything on time and by charging logical prices.

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