Carboxylic acid compounds and derivatives

Carboxylic acid compounds and derivatives


Carboxylic acid compound and uses

Carboxylic acid is called a class of organic compounds that are characterized by the presence of carboxyl group (-COOH) in them. Over here, the acidity of carboxylic acids is generally higher in comparison to simple phenols as they react with weak bases like carbonates and bicarbonates to liberate carbon dioxide gas. Carboxylic acid derivatives have varied applications and it plays significant roles in the medicinal fields. It has been proven that the presence of Carboxylic acid compounds is linked to the manifestation of certain diseases. Carboxylic acids and their derivatives in the pharmaceutical industry rely on the chemical nature of the functional group and they help in solubilizer acting in modulating solubility, lipophilicity, and cell permeation. Also, Carboxylic acid derivatives containing drugs play a major role in the medical treatment of pain and diseases. This is one of the best fine chemicals we deliver worldwide so that it can help in manufacturing numerous drugs. 

At EOS Med Chem, we are one of the experienced suppliers of active pharmaceutical ingredients - Carboxylic compounds and various other fine chemicals, which we deliver in all over the world. Our manufacturing facilities usually engaged in organic synthesis to fermentation production, process development, and manufacturing of various Active pharmaceutical ingredients, derivatives, and chemicals. We are known to provide high-quality APIs to the pharmaceutical industry, with technical and regulatory support also all of our products are manufactured within the scope of existing patent laws and as per the GMP certification. Being the best Carboxylic supply partner, we efficiently identify and collaborate with the pharmaceutical companies to provide critical API-related supports, allowing our customers to focus their efforts on the development of the drugs and get to the market faster. In the ever-changing pharmaceutical landscape, we always look forward to becoming your committed and reliable partner and to contributing to your success.

Moreover, each step of the development process is staffed by a highly qualified technical team that includes the R&D team, doctors, and masters. For every step in the clinical phase, appropriate objectives are identified and complete hazard assessments are performed to allow for safe production of the chemicals or compounds.

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