Central nervous system

Central nervous system

Central Nervous System APIs 

Are you looking for the Active pharmaceutical ingredient for Central Nervous System Therapies? We have a large stock of API and intermediates, which we deliver worldwide. Our prime focus is on the production and development of high-quality active pharmaceutical ingredients with Custom synthesis processes for the central nervous system (CNS) and inhalation therapies. 

Central Nervous System APIs can easily support the brain and the spinal cord and produce a response that could be used to treat a particular medical condition. We offer high-quality GMP intermediates that can be used to produce highly effective drugs for many therapeutic uses. With us, you can get all spectrum of nervous system APIs are manufactured using Low Temperature, packaged, and stored under good manufacturing practices. We are ISO9001 certified company that has one R&D about 1000㎡ in Jinan Life Science Park and another GMP standard plant in Shanghe country, National Biopharmaceutical Park. Additionally, we have proven technical and operational expertise of numerous decades in developing and commercializing various clinical intermediates made up using Custom synthesis process. 

We always deliver FDA New Drug along with affordable drug substances with novelty and improving market access for patients across the world. Over the years, we have emerged as high quality and reliable API manufacturer with experience in manufacturing life science intermediates, have got GMP certification. We own world-class API manufacturing facilities for producing nervous system intermediates and API with a commitment to the environment, health, and safety. Also, we have a successful track record of regulatory inspections and all our clinical products are approved by TEVA, HIKMA, CIPLA, SUNPHARMA, WUXIAPP, and some others. 

Finding all GMP certification intermediates to develop your drugs has never been easier than with EOS Med Chem at your side. We have a vast API inventory, provide same-day delivery, and are the best choice for your active pharmaceutical and chemical supply needs. Get your products to market safer, and sooner by trusting in your ingredients.