Other prostaglandins API&intermediate:120373-24-2 etc.

  • Other prostaglandins API&intermediate:120373-24-2 etc.

Other prostaglandins API&intermediate:120373-24-2 etc.
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  • CAS Number: 120373-24-2
  • Stock: 100g
  • Assay: 98.00%

Other prostaglandins API&intermediate

Prostaglandins API and Intermediate are key chemical substances used for the synthesis and preparation of prostaglandin-based drugs. These compounds undergo precise synthesis processes and are utilized in the manufacturing of drugs used to treat various diseases, such as anti-inflammatory drugs, antiplatelet agents, antihypertensive drugs, and hormonal medications.

The synthesis of Prostaglandins API and Intermediate involves multi-step organic chemistry processes, including the selection of appropriate starting materials, catalysts, and reaction conditions. By employing rational synthetic routes and precise synthesis steps, highly pure prostaglandin compounds can be efficiently produced.

Instructions for use:

These Prostaglandins API and Intermediate play a crucial role in the field of pharmaceuticals. They are widely used in the production of drugs, such as nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs for the treatment of inflammation-related diseases, antiplatelet agents for cardiovascular diseases, and hormonal medications for regulating hormone levels. These drugs are extensively used in clinical settings and provide significant

Other prostaglandins API&intermediate all from GMP plant, stock like below:

Isopropyl unoprostone CAS:120373-24-2, Stock 199.2g, Assay 98.7%

Carboprost methylate CAS:62776-96-9, Stock 758.6g, Assay 97.6%

Epoprostenol sodium CAS:61849-14-7, Stock 313g, Assay 98.5%

Lubiprostone CAS:136790-76-6, Stock 558.6g, Assay 98.4%

Tiaprost CAS:71116-82-0, Stock 737.4g, Assay 96.3%

Sulprostone CAS:60325-46-4, Stock 553.4g, Assay 97.3%

Etiproston CAS:59619-81-7, Stock 860.9g, Assay 98.9%

Fluprostenol CAS:54276-17-4, Stock 878.3g, Assay 98.5%

Ornoprostol CAS:70667-26-4, Stock 641.9g, Assay 96.4%

Prostalene CAS:54120-61-5, Stock 126.1g, Assay 98.4%

Rioprostol CAS:77287-05-7, Stock 751.6g, Assay 98.6%

Ornoprostol CAS:70667-26-4, Stock 390.3g, Assay 97.2%

Ciprostene Calcium CAS:81703-55-1, Stock 154.1g, Assay 98.9%

Carboprostacyclin CAS:69552-46-1, Stock 258.7g, Assay 98.8%

Luprostiol CAS:73523-00-9, Stock 665.9g, Assay 98.2%

Other prostaglandins intermediate CAS:50889-48-0, Stock 288.4g, Assay 98.5%

Other prostaglandins intermediate CAS:118583-35-0, Stock 301.5g, Assay 96.1%

Other prostaglandins intermediate CAS:120373-45-7, Stock 474.3g, Assay 96.8%

Other prostaglandins intermediate CAS:36969-89-8, Stock 161.1g, Assay 98.9%

Other prostaglandins intermediate CAS:50889-46-8, Stock 187.7g, Assay 97.8%

Other prostaglandins intermediate CAS:17814-85-6, Stock 425.7g, Assay 97.2%