Biggest ITI-722 1187020-80-9

Mar 28, 2019
Biggest  ITI-722 | ITI007 | CAS#1187020-80-9 manufacturer, stock 1-10kg, Purity  99%, Chiral purity 99.5% , Water less than 1.5%, HNMR, HPLC, COA, MSDS attachment, soluble in DMSO.
Free sample of PTSA salt | ITI-722 | ITI007 | CAS#1187020-80-9.
EOS Med Chem have already carried out batch production of  ITI-722 | ITI007 | CAS#1187020-80-9 , also have completed the development of quality standards and process validation of  ITI-722 | ITI007 | CAS#1187020-80-9. The stable process is the guarantee of product quality. For ITI-722 | ITI007 | CAS#1187020-80-9, we use HPLC-UV detection instead of other companies' HPLC-ELSD test, Our detection method is more sensitive.