Biggest 927-74-2 3-Butyn-1-ol Manufacturer

Feb 27, 2019
Biggest 927-74-2 3-Butyn-1-ol Manufacturer, stock more than 200kg.

927-74-2 3-Butyn-1-ol is widely used in Pharma field, as World biggest supplier, EOS produce 927-74-2 3-Butyn-1-ol in 2010.

Until 2019, 927-74-2 3-Butyn-1-ol batch size 500kg one batch, 927-74-2 3-Butyn-1-ol assay more than 99.9%, Single impurity keep in less than 0.1%.

We have already carried out batch production, 927-74-2 3-Butyn-1-ol have completed the development of quality standards and process validation. The stable process is the guarantee of product quality. 927-74-2 3-Butyn-1-ol, we use HPLC-UV detection instead of other companies' HPLC-ELSD test, Our detection method is more sensitive.
Japan, Korea, USA customer all buy from me.